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24.01.2019 - A little golden touch is always good… news from Karman

Gold is one of the noblest and precious metals in the world. If well dosed and added in the right spot, it gives a fascinating glow to every kind of space.

See how a gilded lamp can add glamour to a room without being kitsch.

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21.01.2019 - “Artistic Bags” by Besozzi Milano

Dedicated to all luxury and art lovers, “Artistic Bags” is the extraordinary collection of hand-made bags created by price winning leather crafting firm Besozzi Milano.

Much more than a simple handbag, Artistic Bag is a real painting that you can actually wear!

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18.12.2018 - News from Contardi Lighting

Crystal is a table lamp which brings the beauty of the glass to its highest level, underlining the illuminating properties of this classic, sublime, iconic material.

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06.12.2018 - Exclusive occasional furniture by Elite, TO BE

Since the beginning of its activity the Italian furniture brand Elite, TO BE has been following a precise path based on the use of precious and authentic materials including noble wood and refined metal finishes.

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20.11.2018 - High quality seating from Tuscany: Dema sofas

The upholstered furniture by DEMA is manufactured entirely in its factory in Martignana, thus ensuring products which are truly Made in Italy, distinguished by their high quality and the utmost safety of the materials used.

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