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You can read here the answers to customers’ more frequently asked questions. We hope that you will find them useful.
However, if you have any more questions please do contact us! We are always happy to assist.

1. Why do I get better prices with Serena Group?

We buy furniture directly from the factories, in large volumes, and therefore obtain high discounts off the normal pricelists for the public.

We charge our Clients only our service costs, so all the commercial advantages that the producers grant us are entirely to the benefit of our Clients. That’s why our prices are always competitive, for whatever brand the Client prefers.

2. Why is it easy to buy furniture from Serena Group?

Most factories do not deal with individuals or professionals, preferring to work exclusively through the commercial distribution sales channels.

In any case, ordering furniture to a manufacturing company requires the elaboration of orders based on pricelists and complex technical product sheets, complete with item and finishing codes. It is not always easy to obtain and to use the producers’ technical documentation.

That is why it is best to let our experts take care of the order processing.

And we speak your language! We speak Russian, English, French, Polish, Arabic and Chinese, we can solve any communication problem between you and the producing factories!

3. Why do I save money when buying from Serena Group?

Because in order to furnish all the rooms in a house you need to:

  • Make orders to 10-12 different factories
  • Make distinct payments to each one of the factories
  • Keep contacts with many different people
  • Check upon different production times of each lot of furniture
  • Send a truck to collect the furniture in many different locations
  • Pay to store the goods in a warehouse until the various lots of furniture are all ready
  • When shipping the furniture, present many different export invoices to the Customs and therefore pay for many distinct customs operations.

On the contrary, with Serena Group you can buy your complete furnishing with the support of one only partner, that will take care of the whole process from beginning to end.

4. What are the services included in the prices of Serena Group?

The price of each supply is clearly indicated in our pro-forma invoices, and it includes, as well as the cost of the furniture, the following services:

  • Assistance in the selection of producing factories and models
  • Supply of electronic catalogues and technical pricelists
  • Drafting of the orders lists
  • Transmission of the orders to the producing factories
  • Payments to the producing factories
  • Supply of wood, leather, fabric samples free of charge (we only charge postage costs if we send the samples to your address)
  • Delivery times check
  • Quality check of the produced furniture conducted at the factory’s premises before collection
  • Collection of the furniture from the factories and delivery to our warehouse in Segrate (the cost of this service is indicated separately in our pro-forma invoices, as it varies each time according to the weight and volume of the goods)
  • Pre-shipment inspection of goods at our warehouse for quantity and quality of packages.
  • Lading of goods on pallets
  • Loading of goods for shipment to destination
5. How does Serena Group ensure that my orders are correctly carried out?

Serena Group checks the orders at every step of their execution. After transmission of an order to the factories, we:

  • Check that the delivery times are respected
  • Inspect and photograph the furniture when ready at the producers’ premises before collecting it for delivery to our warehouse
  • Once the furniture is received in our warehouse, we inspect the integrity of each single package
  • We put the goods on pallets, we secure them with protective plastic film and seal them with adhesive guarantee tape.
  • We load the goods on the truck with maximum care and skill, in order to avoid any possible damage during transportation.
6. How can I pay my orders to Serena Group?

We normally request payment of orders in two parts:

  • 50% deposit at order’s confirmation
  • 50% settlement 10 days before the agreed shipment date

Payments must be made in Euro.

7. Is transport abroad included in the price?

No, this cost will be calculated and indicated separately each time, upon Customer’s request.

8. How will the goods be delivered from Italy to my address?

We offer different options. Our Clients can choose to:

  • Organise transport themselves, appointing a transport company of their choice

When the goods are ready, we send a notice to our Customer containing all the necessary data about the goods. The Customer must simply forward this information to their forwarders, who will get in touch with us to organise their collection. In this case, no payment is due to Serena Group for transport. Transport charges will be paid by Customer directly to their forwarders.

  • Appoint a transport company recommended by Serena Group

It is a convenient solution, most often used by our Clients. We send you the contacts of two or three different transport companies, which are specialised in international forwarding and are familiar with the import customs procedures in your country. You will be able to contact them and negotiate directly with them the cost of the service.

In this case too, no payment will be due to Serena Group. You will pay directly to your forwarder, in your local currency, and you will be free to agree with them the cost of the service and the details of the delivery to your address as it is more convenient for you.

  • Appoint Serena Group for the organisation of the delivery

In this case we will send you an estimate of costs for transport and delivery of the goods to the place of your choice. When approved, the total amount of delivery charges will be indicated in a pro forma invoice, that you will have to pay to Serena Group before the shipment of the goods.