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Serena Group is a commercial organisation that provides services to architects, interior designers and individuals who appreciate the quality and style of Italian furniture. Through Serena Group you can buy furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories directly from the best Italian manufacturers and organise their shipment anywhere in the world.

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Why is it easy to buy furniture from Serena Group?

Why is it easy to buy furniture from Serena Group?

Most factories do not deal with individuals or professionals, preferring to work exclusively through the commercial distribution sales channels.

In any case, ordering furniture to a manufacturing company requires the elaboration of orders based on pricelists and complex technical product sheets, complete with item and finishing codes. It is not always easy to obtain and to use the producers’ technical documentation.

That is why it is best to let our experts take care of the order processing.

​Why do I save money when buying from Serena Group?

​Why do I save money when buying from Serena Group?

Because in order to furnish all the rooms in a house you need to: 1)Make orders to 10-12 different factories; 2) Make 10 distinct payments to each one of the factories; 3) Keep contacts with many different people; 4) Check upon different production times of each lot of furniture; 5) Send a truck to collect the furniture in many different locations, and carry out many other procedures…

Serena Group will take care of all this, and you will save time and money.

Why do I get better prices with Serena Group?

Why do I get better prices with Serena Group?

We buy furniture directly from the factories, in large volumes, and therefore obtain high discounts off the normal pricelists for the public.

We charge our Clients only our service costs, so all the commercial advantages that the producers grant us are entirely to the benefit of our Clients. That is why our prices are always competitive, for whatever brand the Client prefers.

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Our strengths

In over twenty years of activity we have developed a work method that enables us to offer many advantages to our Clients: as well as made-in-Italy quality at bargain prices, we provide a whole programme of services designed to help you purchase your furniture in the easiest and safest way: you may rest assured that any interior project will be carried out according to your wishes in every detail. Read more to discover all the services that we can provide.

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1. Made in Italy

Serena Group brings you the possibility to buy your furniture directly from the producing factories in Italy.

This is a guarantee of the authenticity and superior quality of each purchased piece.

2. Complete furnishing solutions

Serena Group gives you the possibility to buy the complete furnishing for your house, from kitchen to bedroom, from lighting to sanitary ware, from textiles to silver cutlery.

This results in enormous time, energy and money saving for our Clients!

Discover why:

3. A guide in your choice

Serena Group can assist you in the choice of furniture: our personnel can suggest which producers are most suitable for your project, according to your budget and personal taste. We will assist you in the choice of sizes, colours, finishes. We will send you electronic catalogues and pricelists. In this way it will be easy to order your furniture and get it manufactured exactly as you want it!

4. A wide choice

Serena Group works with all major Italian brands in the furnishing sector.

We can therefore offer you furniture of any style or price level, according to your tastes and requirements.

Choose your favourite brand from the list:

5. Your project

You can send us your own interior project, already complete with the list of furniture of your choice, or you can take advantage of our interior designing service, provided by us or by one of our partners.

See the list of our partners:

6. Visit to the factories

Would you like to visit the factories that will actually make your furniture, see samples of their production, choose from a wider selection of fabrics and materials?

Serena Group is here to help you choosing the suitable factories, and organising your personal visiting tour.

7. Easy ordering

Buying furniture in Italy is easy for the Clients of Serena Group: all you have to do is choose your furniture: we’ll take care of all the rest!

Discover all the services included in our prices:

8. Quality control

We guarantee an accurate checking of the goods before shipment, and we make sure that their packaging is suitable to protect them all along their journey to destination.

Discover how:

9. Transport and Customs

Our Clients can choose the solution most suitable to them for the transportation of goods to their destination.

See all options:

10. Customer support

Since the first contact, each of our Clients can count on the support of a dedicated member of staff. We offer 6 spoken languages and over 20 years of experience in furniture sales, and we are always at your disposal to help you carry out your project.

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Work with us!

Work with us!

Are you an architect or interior decorator?
Do you enjoy working with your Clients, assisting them in decorating their interiors with furniture and lighting?
Contact us now, we’ll be glad to consider any opportunity of collaboration in our mutual interest.

If you want to get to know us, we will be happy to spend one day working with you in our offices, and to offer you free accomodation in a hotel in Milan for 3 nights.

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  • Effective, rapid and accurate response to all requests

    A friend of mine had ordered furniture directly from Italy. For the renovation of my apartment I decided to give it a try too, sending a request to Serena Group after having received various quotes locally. The difference in price was a nice surprise, so I sent a trial order to Serena Group. Both the company as the transport agent they recommended worked just fine, and I received my furniture without the least trouble.

    Marina, Private customer, Moscow
  • Outstanding service, as always

    I've been working withSerena group for a few years now, and our cooperation keeps growing. This company is a partner you can trust, and they always provide top-quality service.

    Aleksej Ivanov
    Aleksej Ivanov
    Wide Design Group
  • Thanks a lot!

    They just finished installing the furniture. Everything is high-class, and top quality. The fabrics also look very good.
    Thanks again you all for the good job

    Private Client, Karaganda

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